London’s Premier Music & Enterprise Skills Hub

Founded in 2005 as a Social Enterprise, Gold Seal Project provide access to high quality Training, Mentoring, Artist Development & Consultancy services

We are passionate about 2 things: Music & Entrepreneurship

Gold Seal Project have trained & created number-one charting artists, entertainers & seasoned entrepreneurs. We typically specialise in alternative provision, empowering hard-to-engage clients & non-traditional learners to gain their first ever qualifications. However we also pride ourselves on our regular work with new opportunities, established brands, entrepreneurs, artists & stars.

Managing Director Joe Ross has passionately set upon building a highly reputable social enterprise, practices & successful delivery models. This has allowed the brand to further develop as a creative hub & offer wider access to our training agency/consultancy. We now offer a diverse range of support for professional music, creative business & enterprise skills/services.

Determination, patience and passion built this whole experience in a vehicle now available for all. I believe music is a very powerful tool and hard work will always pay off

Joe Ross – Gold Seal Project – Managing Director

We have successfully engaged & educated over 5000 participants, delivered Number 1 charting artists, entertainers, name brands, video directors, new creatives and seasoned entrepreneurs all using our unique training method, ethos & proven models

Our Training, Mentoring & Consultancy services focus on music industry standards & enterprise skill sets/revenue stream creation. This enables all participants to seek success either as an independent business owner or musician.

We are not just technical training on software without any relevant industry application/experience. All our training is embedded with & reinforced using digestible and linked examples/models. We pride ourselves on going further for the learner & breaking through learning barriers effectively. Our vast networks of well suited contacts & special guests are all carefully hand picked to ensure we deliver our message & vision via positive role models. We provide dissectible examples from quantifiable careers of successful business owners to all participants. Knowing we can relay our training principles further, in a bespoke format with applied examples of successful careers paths is our unique selling point.

As a not-for-profit Company (Limited by Guarantee), our ethos & Business model is simple:

We wish to continually offer access to high quality Music, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Linked Events, Training & Mentoring using proven Music Technology & Enterprise skills.

Our focus remains to create alternate, productive & positive learning environments for all. This allows participants to flourish and identify a new side to themselves. Often perhaps previously undiscovered. Our alternative training methods have now aided many popular artists & entrepreneurs & we have a diverse range of case studies & successful creatives to call upon at all times

This is testament to our historical unchanged model which welcomes, nurtures, trains & mentors positive musical & entrepreneurial talent. 

Our widespread work as a pro-active & forward thinking Social Enterprise has allowed us to shrewdly network, successfully partner & deliver to a diverse range of clients from across the UK, the Capital & rest of the world.

These include:

  • Established brands within the music industry;
  • Established Music Studios
  • Major Brands
  • Business Conferences
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Audio Manufacturers
  • Housing Associations
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Probation
  • After Schools programmes
  • Academies & Schools
  • Alternative Provision Sites
  • Youth Inclusion Projects
  • Foundation Learning programmes
  • HM Prisons & YOI’s
  • Youth Services
  • Charities
  • Substance Misuse Programmes