Artist Development: Professional Musician Mentoring

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Our Artist development course is aimed for successful amateur and aspiring artists to better understand the new musical marketplace and their options within it.

Our training will improve knowledge of the market and make a clear picture for an artist to identify their niche within it.


  1. the 4 major music income streams
  2. your niche in the market
  3. your competition and how to avoid mirroring/overlapping them/their sound
  4. your own unique brand and strengths
  5. songwriting techniques of the pro’s
  6. better concepts and chorus writing
  7. ways to promote yourself better
  8. a plan for success

All who engage will receive support on their songs, process, helpful tips and tricks to better themselves with proven techniques and song formats common within the music industry.

Improve further on:

  • production techniques
  • vocal dynamics & breathing techniques
  • maximising your performance and presence
  • evoking listener engagement from better expression with words
  • Song writing – Proven Professional Structures, formats and helpful wordplay
  • Lyrics and linked score writing

All our course content is covered in a dedicated and specialised manner to help you learn and achieve your goals in any creative area of music. This is reinforced with proven references that have charted and attracted worldwide attention and numbers. Let our unique training style and method help you to create your musical visions and dreams from world class musicians to date by:

  • understanding the importance of A B referencing whilst writing your own music
  • bite size lessons/examples that will notably aid your overall sound and show better practical application overall when writing music
  • personalised training to each learners skill sets and to suit their musical taste
  • Support via eMentoring is always offered to all Gold Seal Students after training finishes

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