Business Mentoring & Advice

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The Gold Seal Project was founded in 2005 & has over 15 years experience and expertise from the Capital, servicing a wide variety of Clients for a diverse range of support.

What sets us apart from others is our ability to provide engaging, informative trusted advice via our mentoring & consulting services – All based on our first hand experience in Business & the Marketplace.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor on demand bespoke support and services for either:

Individuals, Local Authorities, New Businesses, Established Brands & Entrepreneurs. 

Our strength to others is our creative business vision combined with the ability to grow/expand income streams & new business opportunities successfully. We know that truly identifying an individual or company’s core values and associated personality enables you to grow with linked consumers quickly. Let us evaluate, assess and then embed all we have learned & identified through our linked advice, media, branding advice and contracted services. Allow us to expand upon this further too via our bespoke creative/social media content & campaigns. This attention to detail positions us perfectly to help companies & individuals to better market themselves more effectively, especially in the modern day marketplace.

Gold Seal Project’s guarantee to all we support is to increase confidence & linked revenue streams in their market place. All based from our own success and indicators to success, we deliver trusted experience & advice to all. Our vision is simple: we wish to better aid all we encompass & allow clients to rely on our expertise & linked creative services when rolling out new products and services.

Request any of our diverse skill sets complimented with trusted bespoke advice, licensable music, creative & social media content, marketing & consultancy services. Rely upon a business that has stood the test of time in its marketplace which uniquely positions us to better you with yours too. Our focus is to better enable all to holistically evaluate and then tailor appropriate responses which can be linked with new marketing & associated media campaigns. We simply wish to enable businesses, brands and future entrepreneurs to deliver their business visions & better identify all the associated processes, products & services better to key target audiences. 

Choose From:

  • Business Mentoring – Rely on a Trustworthy Business Expert & Mentor
  • Consultancy Services – Establishing new areas of business, Adding Accreditation Models & ISO Certification, Bespoke Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Strategies, Business Structure & Modelling, Operational Logistics & Infrastructure
  • Introducing New Income Streams – Devise New business ideas & associated income streams
  • Music Videos – Use a passive Marketing campaign, Song licensing, Bespoke Instrumentals for Adverts, Radio Adverts
  • Passive Sales based Podcasts – Create a show to sell more Products/Services Passively
  • Social Media Campaigns – Strategy & Content Curation