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Turn to a trusted professional to be heard, lead, mentored and advised by our outstanding, hand picked, positive role models and supportive life coaches. All of our life coaches and mentors are proven, experienced leaders and successful business owners from the aspiring business world.

Rely on someone to help you assess your day to day well being and rest assured that you can feel motivated at all times to make better informed business and life choices/decisions. Stay inspired to be a better person for yourself and business and absorb energy and ethos from a positive role model and leader. Take a new take on how to make more of an impact at work and for yourself.



Business Development Strategies – Let someone else do the thinking for a change and support you to see it clearer when things get cloudy

Coping with stress during challenging business phases – Allow our experts to re-educate you to cope with stress & stay productive always

Life Coaching –Our life coaches are all hand picked experts in their field that assess your need and guarantee personal development by applying key principles to make you proud to be you again and achieve your true potential

Career Analysis and Assessment – Explore with an expert and assess what your core strengths and values are to support you to find your most suited career path and progression routes

1 to 1 Business Mentoring – Let someone with a business brain dissect your plans and proposals to help you win every step of the way

Musician Mentoring – Learn how to equip yourself to survive in the music industry. Dissect your music and market better and create competitive music that guarantees revenue in return for the hard work

Business eMentoring – Don’t have time to sit with someone? Well our business eMentoring is the solution you need. List your problems in an email and let us fix it for you there. Rely on regular visual business pointers, advice and direction all offered in your own time frame whilst remaining informed every step of the way.

Business Start Up – Got all the plans and practice, but need someone to de-jargon the business barriers? Relax with one of our business start up packages and let us help you tick all the right boxes, plan effectively in the right language and format and work harder to see more tax efficiency, revenue and returns on investment.

Enterprise Skills – Rely on experts and their ability to help guide you and formulate new business ideas, revenue streams, networks, avenues, market potential, products and opportunities. 

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