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“Thanks to Joe he helped me find music and my feet. I’m doing what I want to and its all thanks to his passion to make sure that young people like me get the chance to try out music and do something to help yourself practically.”

Rowan Jones - aka Route 94, ex Gold Seal student and now number 1 charting artist and world-touring musician

“Joe and Gold Seal turned my life around. I found a focus and it helped me to find something that I wanted to do and could work hard for myself to achieve with. Now I’m my own boss and own my own company and have worked with nearly every UK urban artist filming music videos”.

Alex Jovic – ex Westminster Youth Offending Team student and now CEO of Toxic TV

“Gold Seal changed my life around. They have helped me out in other aspects of life like getting a job and making a great new team of friends”

Student: Kensington & Chelsea Youth Offending Team

“If Gold Seal wasn’t here I’d probably be in jail right now. Joe was the best personal advisor I’ve ever had”

Student: Ealing Youth Offending Team

“I really enjoyed the courses, it helped me a lot n I think we need more people like them in our community so everyone stays out of trouble”

Student: Richmond Adolescent Resource Team

“I loved the different take on teaching. The trainer made us all feel equal and welcome, as well as our questions being answered and taken in, even if our answers are not what you wanted/expected”

A2Dominion Be Inspired participant

“Joe and Gold Seal are an inspiration, he has been through so much, but look at him and the company today. I loved the way the points were explained and I clearly and thoroughly understood everything taught. Great sessions I just wish I had more!”

A2Dominion Be Inspired participant

“I was going to quit my part time job tomorrow but now I’ve totally changed my mind and have a new fire and passion for running my own business again!”

Brooklands College: A2Dominion Be Inspired participant

“Business in a language that I understand finally!”

Student: Camden Youth Offending Team

“I dont usually like lessons at school but for once theres a subject I want to be in for and the teacher really understands where we come from and how business can be applied to help us change our lives. Really, really enjoyed this course.”

Tomorrows People: Tower Hamlets PRU student

“Loved the honesty, simplicity and realness on how to run a business and what to do to stay motivated and focused”

Brooklands College: A2Dominion Be Inspired participant

“Gold Seal are a true inspiration to me. I learnt how to find my true stregths and potential and now I am on the way to starting my own company and career as a successful musician and studio owner. I found a path and built myself a future in the process too.”

Tomorrows People: Bethnal Green Academy student

 “I really enjoyed the sessions, I met musicians and entrepreneurs that I needed to and I think we need more people like them in our community so everyone has a focus”

Student: Harrow youth offending team

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