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“In the 7 years that I have worked in the youth justice system I have not come across a service that has achieved so much with our clients as Gold Seal have”

Gemma Leeming – Integrated Resettlement and Support Manager, Westminster Youth Offending Service

“Gold Seal successfully engaged our hardest to reach young people with their structured programmes and support, they offer more than just a music course their contacts in the industry mean that they can also offer career guidance and much more”

Derek Willis – Head of Youth Services, Rugby Portobello Trust

“Gold Seal offer exceptional engagement skills with a diverse often high risk youth group. Their drive towards enabling young people with low self esteem to become intrinsically motivated, whilst displaying growing confidence in thier abilities, has provided the participants with opportunities that they would have otherwised been denied. Their training results in competency based awards, certificates and qualifications, these are often the first acknowledgement that these young people have of their abilities. Joe is able to function as a business negotiator and presents with a broad knowledge of funding requirements, his willingness to work in partnership and flexible approach has sustained his employability to date and will ensure a productive future.”

Sam Robinson – Resettlement & Aftercare Provision Manager, Southwark Youth Offending Service

“They have been able to engage with some of the most hard to reach residents in the projects. Workshops are attended by a diverse group of people with a wide range of needs varying from mental health to substance misuse issues. The workshops have successfully cut across language and cultural barriers.”

Madhilka Choudhary – Activity Development Team, St Mungos Homeless Project

“Gold Seal create an environment that allows young people to feel relaxed and secure in their approach to creativity. Feedback is always extremely positive and I hold Gold Seal and Joe’s direction in high regard and have witnessed the excellent work first hand regularly.”

Keni Thomas - Positive Activities Coordinator, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

“I commissioned Gold Seal’s services during my time as Area manager with Nacro. Gold Seal delivered accredited qualifications both in custody and the community, as well as career coaching and mentoring. Joe was creative in the service he designed, personable and dedicated to delivering high outcomes. Feedback from young people was excellent. Gold Seal have always been a pleasure to work with and it is reassuring to know they will always hit targets you set for them. I have no problem in recommending them and have no doubt their services will help projects deliver high outcomes.”

Kelly Ewers - London Regional Manager, NACRO

“Gold Seal supported our foundation learning programme and were a vital tool and agent in helping add a current and interesting vocational package. We saw a direct increase in attendance with other sectors of our foundation learning programme. I hold their work in high regard and highly recommend Gold Seal’s support for any fellow foundation learning packages or agents”

John Johnson - London Foundation Learning Manager, NACRO

“Gold Seal brought more than just music skills to their NACRO sessions; Credibility and professionalism were also in abundance”

Richard Hearn - Volunteering and Service User Involvement Manager, NACRO

“Reliable, effective, support, advice and consultancy solutions helped our organisation expand and increase revenue streams over night. Gold Seal’s thorough and holistic approach enabled us to add new areas for business and increase our potential as an organisation immediately”

Ian Jordan - PACT Premier league into work officer Chelsea FC Foundation

“A thorough pleasure to work with and despite the manic training environment that can often occur in custody, Gold Seal just get the best out of the boys and it was nice to see them achieve positive outcomes and qualifications”

Vanessa Ewing - Education Manager, HMYOI Cookham Wood

“Gold Seal offer a fantastic role model for young people and provided them with an honest and insightful introduction to the music industry and the work it involves. They offer great rapport with each young person and managed to encourage all of them to take centre stage to perform their lyrics or mix on the decks. This combination of expert musical knowledge with great youth work skills makes Gold Seal the ideal organisation to work with. They command respect from the outset and remain experts at keeping groups engaged throughout.,I would thoroughly recommend Gold Seal to any other professionals”.

Anna Allen - Youth Project Co-Ordinator, Notting Hill Housing Trust

“Not only is Gold Seal’s approach professional, reliable and knowledgeable, but they also have great links with industry professionals helping to ‘seal the deal’ when working with young people.  Joe’s engaging charisma, positive attitude and relaxed approach all bring about the potential to shift the mind-sets of anyone he interacts with.  I’d happily work with Gold Seal over and over and over again”

Charlotte Drew - Senior Community Involvement Coordinator, a2Dominion Group

“Gold Seal offer an exceptional ability to engage with young people who are lacking motivation and disengaged from their education. They use tangible examples, which the young people can relate to as a means of encouraging learning and personal development. I have been extremely impressed with their delivery style for enterprise training. They offer a service that is passionate, energetic and well-organised, taking time to tailor interventions according to the needs of the group”

Sean Porter – Progression Manager, Tomorrows People

“We collaborated with Gold Seal on an enterprise programme for young people at one of the UK’s largest housing association in 2013/2014 and without doubt I can say we couldn’t have done the programme without their mentoring programme for the young entrepreneurs. The team connected with the young entrepreneurs, many of them with complex support needs and gave them the drive needed to succeed on this programme. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for expert youth engagement, mentoring and start-up business advice.”

Tony Colville – Partnerships Director, The Young Foundation

“Gold Seal provided A2Dominion tenants on the BeInspired Enterprise Programme with tailored mentoring support to help them get their business of the ground. They brought a wealth of expertise to the project and guided young people through the numerous challenges they faced. Gold Seal’s background and approach resonates with young people where they have the ability to build trust and bring the best out of them. A2Dominion tenants who they worked with achieved small but well-considered personal milestones towards  their goals. Gold Seal are a truly excellent and professional organisation who we would recommend.”

Dele Ryder  - Partnership and Fundraising Manager, A2Dominion Housing Association

“Gold Seal has a brilliant way of engaging the most hard to reach young people in our service. They have been flexible to the service provided and young people’s needs which has enabled real progress to be made with some of our young people. The young people have nothing but positive feedback to give about the intervention and it goes way beyond music and enterprise training, having a key impact on self-esteem and confidence building too.”

Charlotte Matthews -
 Senior Practitioner, Camden Youth Offending Service

“We have worked with Gold Seal twice to date, once over the summer with summer arts and then again for a block period. They have successfully engaged some of our most difficult to reach young people, resulting in some excellent tangible results such as 23 qualifications gained for 8 young people known to YOT. Their approach to the young people is creative, clear and really patient.  They work calmly with young people and are able to manage even the most difficult of dynamics creating a safe working environment. As a provider, they are really flexible in meeting the required demands of the YOT, and will work tirelessly to ensure work is meaningful for young people, but also meets the desired outcomes at a strategic level. Given their hard work and dedication, I have no qualms in recommending Gold Seal to any other professionals, hence why Harrow YOT are embarking on a longer term sustainable project with their services annually.”

Aman Sekon-Gill – Service Manager, Harrow Youth Offending Service

“Gold Seal has provided the students at Bethnal Green Academy with a professional bespoke package of workshops, which allowed participants to express themselves through music and Spoken word, Singing & Rapping. The students were empowered to work together and support each other to set up the music equipment needed for the session and then ​manage the studio and sound engineering,​ allowing them to demonstrate effective communication skills.The workshops also included advice for students with a real passion for music to develop possible​ business ideas and givi​n​g them a better understanding of how to brand and market their product/artists which the students all knew and could relate too, to better explain their success.​ Gold Seal’s approach is both​ relaxed and engaging. The young people responded well and benefited greatly from this intervention. I look forward to working with Gold Seal again in the future.”

 Nicola Bennett – Progression Manager, Bethnal Green Academy, Tomorrows People​

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