Why Choose Us?

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  • Highly experienced trainers for hard to engage demographics
  • We only employ specialist trainers that are able to challenge gang culture and anti social behavior in a non conflict method
  • All trainers have extremely relevant musical experience to pass on and support others to build their own career path
  • Already produced number 1 charting artists and regularly worked with musical superstars – Route 94, Toxic TV, Paul Oakenfold, Wretch 32, Tinchy Stryder and more
  • Music industry focused training, NOT just music tech training! We deliver so much more than just the standard music software training, our music training is always delivered and reinforced with digestible and relevant examples that go further for the learner and break through any learning difficulty barriers
  • Our networks of contacts and guests used in our delivery model are all carefully hand picked, scrutinized to ensure we have paramount positive role models that also have quantifiable careers and business examples that can relay our training principles further, with demonstrable applied examples of successful careers paths.
  • All participants always receive industry standard mixdowns and masters of their own work as part of the programme carried out in our high end £50k professional mixing & mastering suite.
  • All work completed is carefully created and edited with participants to enable all their content to be used positively and then enable them and service purchasers to promote their work on social media sites. We guarantee that all music created will comply with local authority good practice principles for available media.
  • Participants have the chance to learn new skill sets using a junior apprentice style format for training. All who attend have the opportunity to take on specific roles and jobs within the studio that are then developed and absorbed, ‘hands on’, to enable all to work in an applied training model and make an impact for future employers.
  • All training is developed and made malleable based on experience – We guarantee no sitting in class and doing the same old training again if you have completed training previously. Great for hard to engage and 1 to 1 learners.
  • Personal action planning for careers and the music industry is offered week to week to keep participants motivated and engaged to achieve their true potential.
  • Our careers advice is always tailored to the participant’s true skill set, they are not just sold aimless hopes of a career as a musician and fully explore their potential and the multitude of careers options available based on their own potential and natural strengths.

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