Social Media Awareness Seminars

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Try our 1 day Seminar on Social media awareness which is aimed at youth audiences from the ages of 11+

This 3 hour Seminar is an early intervention method tailored for youth audiences to better educate participants on: 

  • Social media
  • Youtube Media channels
  • Current music videos
  • Social media posts 
  • The linked criminality possible

Gold Seal Project’s Social Media Awareness Seminars help young people to¬†better¬†understand and learn what the results are of positive & negative behaviours using Social Media. Taught and identified with music, music videos & social media usage, the end message is powerful. Especially when it comes to posting content online and all possible linked branding ambassador vs criminality outcomes.

As the seminar concludes attendees will finish with a full understanding of how to monetise any creative ideas and content/posts using social media platforms instead. All who participate will have a clear grasp for creating & posting legal and purposeful profit driven posts that either create new businesses, brand ambassador opportunities & positive outputs for their creativity instead.

Course Overview:

  • Study content available on social media & YouTube to youth audiences
  • Offer, challenge and re-educate participants on antisocial and violent trends online and within music/social media platforms
  • Knife awareness education
  • Educate participants on social media criminality, self confessions and the prosecution processes that follows
  • Challenge all participants views on crime glorification online and present the real facts on previous tragedies
  • Train participants on how to legitimately monetize content on social media platforms
  • Illustrate safer social media content examples and training options available for this
  • Encourage participants creativity and signposting progression routes and linked training providers following our seminar

Course Outcomes:

  • increase awareness of youtube’s monetisation process and channel/content ownership
  • Increase awareness of self confessions using social media
  • Increase awareness on violent/knife crime, sentences and repercussions of criminal justice cycle
  • Learn new ways to monetize content & products on social media platforms
  • Identify new ways to create products and services for self employment
  • Signpost further education, self employment, advice & support

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