Vocal Development

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Our Vocal Development is a course for the aspiring artist that caters for budding lyricists and vocalists alike. Our training will improve vocal presence, content and ideas of either MCs or singers as they develop and learn proven techniques and song formats common within the music industry. Cover the basics of:

  • vocal dynamics
  • breathing techniques
  • maximising your vocal performance
  • employing and evoking emotion and expression with words
  • Song writing – Structure, formats and wordplay
  • Lyrics and linked score writing

All our course content is covered in a dedicated and specialised manner to help you learn and achieve your goals especially calling upon references that have charted and attracted worldwide attention and numbers. Let our unique training style and method help you to create your musical visions and dreams from your favourite music and musicians to date by:

  • understanding the importance of referencing whilst learning and writing your own music
  • take away bite size lessons and examples progressively that will aid better practical application overall when writing music
  • personalised training to each learners pace and to suit their musical taste
  • Support via eMentoring is always offered to all Gold Seal Students after training finishes

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