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Reliable & Professional UK Mixing & Mastering Services

✓ Our work is totally copyright free – Credits are appreciated but not expected
✓ Your music is kept 100% confidential always
✓ Simple 3-steps process: order, upload, get your finished mix and or master

Get the best mixing & mastering service in the UK today and rely on our audio experts to do the hard work for your unmixed songs to take them to the next level for you.  We guarantee to make all our mixing & mastering work have that ‘Hit Sound” or ‘added punch’ to bring new life back to your previous song’s sound.

Our Mixing & Mastering engineers have all worked in the industry since 2005 and have worked on thousands and thousands of mixes & masters for many different clients and names from a wide variety of genres and briefs. The Engineers ears are finely tuned to be able to decipher and correct EQ & dynamics problems, clear up mess in the mid range and also introduce clever use of effects/FX.

Overall our aim is to reduce any muddy low end mixes to instead be clear, exciting & detailed records that are now controlled and balanced with subtly placed lead sounds to now make the record perform with a punch and rely on it being ready for uploads on radio play, streaming services and DJ’s in the club.

Please select from one of our mixing & mastering services below:

All pricing options for our mixing & mastering services cover you for up to 3 changes/edits/amendment requests.

Should you require more than 3 edits, (4-6 Edits), we will add an additional £50 charge, however, this will only be applied at a later stage & if used, unless you want to select this now for peace of mind at the start of this process for up to 6 changes to your final mix/master.


  • Bounce/export one dry (unmixed, eq’d or effected sound) stereo audio file for each sound recorded within your studio song file. For example, one audio file is to be exported for each of the following sounds; Kick Drum, Snare Drums, Hi Hat, Percussion, Bass, Lead & Various Vocal Layers etc.
  • If you just have an instrumental mp3 that requires mixing or mastering with only vocal stems, then we just need one audio file for each of the vocal stems and the original mp3 instrumental.
  • Upload your files to WeTransfer and copy in the email address below – feel free to also copy and paste and references from youtube that you may want us to mirror or add to XYZ in the song
  • Email us a download link to info@goldsealproject.com as a back up too.
  • We will then send you an immediate confirmation email detailing a completion time (usually 3-5 days unless otherwise specified and paid for).

Digital Mixing & Mastering Services (All prices include VAT)

Analogue Mixing & Mastering Services (All prices include VAT)

Extras (All prices include VAT)

Our Mixing & Mastering Studio Suite spec and equipment list:
Mac Pro 8 core 2.9ghz processor, 32gb RAM, 3 Tb hard drive, various external hard drives (minimum 500gb)
UAD2 Quad core DSP Accelerator card
Mackie 1640i Onyx 16 channel Firewire Recording Mixer
TL Audio 12 Channel Valve Analogue Mixer
Motu 828 mk II Audio Interface
Adam a7x Active Monitors
Adam Sub 8 Active Subwoofer
Yamaha ns10 passive monitors
B&W 601 Refernce Monitors
Focusrite VRM box
Orban Vintage Dual Compressor
Orban Vintage Stereo EQ
DBX 163 Vintage Compressor
Elysia Xpressor Discreet Class A Stereo Compressor
Manley Vari-Mu Mastering Unit
Neve 1073 Preamp
DBX 266 Compressors
Various analogue outboard including custom racked rare discrete vintage 1960′s Inductor based mastering EQ’s, preamps and compressors
88 Key Full Hammer Action Midi Controller
Akai MPC Renaissance
Korg Microkorg Synthesizer
Novation Mini Nova Synthesizer
Proteus 2000 Synthesizer
Jen SX-2000 Synthtone Synthesizer
Novation Bass Station II Analogue Synthesizer
Arturia Mini Brute Analogue Synthesizer
Waldorf Pulse 2 Analogue Synthesizer
Logic Pro 9 & X
Reason 5 & 6
Cubase 5
Abelton Live
Komplete 9 Ultimate
UAD2 Quad Custom Pack
PSP Audio Pack
Hundreds of additional specialist and rare plugins for a combination of vst’s, effects, EQ and dynamics

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