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Full Seminars last up to 2 hours explaining practical, first hand advice, tips and associated steps/planning for success

Music Industry income streams – Youtube, Streaming Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc) Brand Ambassador/Sponsorship, PRS/Radio Royalties & Live Performance opportunities
How to Song write Professionally – Song writing techniques, choice of instrumental and licensing a beat. Writing well suited genres, branded opportunities, structures of songs and theme writing
How to set up an Independent Record label – Legal processes required, studio equipment needed, recording laws as well as other areas to consider and essential tools to use for your royalty/music collections etc
The role of a Sound Engineer, Executive Producer, Artists & Managers for any musicians processes – How much these roles pay, the work expected for each role and then how to explore these options for yourself
How to create & monetise a successful Youtube Channel/Podcasting account – Podcasting, vlogging, royalties, sales opportunities, sponsorship opportunities & more for a channel
How to create an Instagram business and sell products via it – A simple explanation of how to sell products to an audience via a shop using Instagram and other online tools for sales etc
How to set up a creative business or discover new business ideas – The legal frameworks required to establish a business, business planning & role models and examples close to learners environments
Business laws, Accounting, PAYE & NIC contributions & Self Employment law – A short workshop outlining appropriate legal business structures, PAYE/NIC laws & other legal processes needed to run your own business to be legally compliant
Cryptocurrency, Stocks & For-Ex Trading – Learn about different types on trading available. Discover what cryptocurrency is, how to buy and sell it, difference of wallet types as well as long term and short term investment strategies. Discover what the stock market is and can do for you as well as helpful trading apps like Trading 212 that allows you to experiment with trading and learn for free with virtual money to avoid unhelpful losses and expensive lessons whilst you learn to trade too. Finally explore what the For-Ex (Foreign Exchange) market offers too and how to trade within it.
Using your mobile phone to make creative content – A seminar outlining the range of apps and creative aids that can be downloaded, often for free and then created using a smart phone or tablet. Learn how to make logo’s, infographics, visual content, branded content and create other helpful tools for use on social media or a website.