Top tips for Today’s Music Production

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As you know here at Gold Seal we take music, making it and the sales very seriously, so to continue to help all aspiring producers and keep well informed advice at your fingertips we have put together the following recommendations and sites that we give the Gold Seal Approval.

Renegade Tips – 11 Helpful tips to remember daily when producing

Renegade offer some great pointers on not getting bogged down into the perception of your studio spec, staying focused on sounds and sound choice and also taking breaks and just closing your eyes to make sure you have great sounds always.

Music Radar offer 37 music production pointers from world famous Pro’s that cover a broad spectrum of sagas and solutions.

Music Radar Tech have taken some great soundbites and suggestions to apply from some truly excellent world leading music producers so again we recommend all to make a note of these 37 pointers.

Loopmasters offer 115 pointers for professional music producers to apply and absorb into their workflow.

Loopmasters is an excellent online resource that also offers a wide range of audio and loops for the modern producer. As many of the pros will tell you the sound library is your biggest weapon not the software or workstations. Loopmasters also have a wide range of free and purchaseable sounds/libraries and offer some excellent creativity and inspiration for the early and exhausted producer.

Loopmasters with a range of mixing and production tips for a variety of scenarios and genres.

Sounds to sample offer a range of music libraries and sound libraries and their tips are supportive for anyone at a beginner to intermediate stage.

Get that pro sound on Improving Mixes

Get that pro sound offer a wealth of information and ‘in the know’ knowledge/tips to help aspiring musicians and producers get that all important edge in their sound to make it competitive.

Tenth Egg offer some great workflow tips

Tenth Egg offer 21 tips that help reinforce all the basics for faster workflow and to develop good music production habits.

Beatport offer a unique selection of tips from current producers that have also had success in the last few years and offer a new take on how to use emerging technology workstations better too.

Last and by no means least we also highly recommend all to subscribe and follow Pensados Place as a regular port of call. They have the most up to date interviews and tips from world leading producers and engineers for niche areas and genres as well as dissecting some of the current world leading songs and their means to be made or replicated. Awesome website and advice always.

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