Business Consultancy Options:


Having built a successful company and various income streams from nothing but a vision, hard work and applied resourcefulness, we want to share and aid many others to be able to profit and sustain with positive businesses and business as we have.

Work, plan, consult with and learn from a seasoned professional on hand to help put your ideas, business and model into place. Whether it’s a more efficient means to receive your income, passive business income streams or its a whole new business idea required, we are able to add value, advise and consult for all.

Trust a Gold Seal Project business startup expert to help you to refine your current ideas, choose an appropriate business model and key performance indicators. Register with companies house or the charities commission and learn how to financial forecast, implement cash flow calculators and use a diverse range of online resources, tools and templates to help make the impact you have always dreamed of.

Choose from:

  • Business planning support
  • PAYE, Employers law and tax advice
  • Choosing the right bank and accounting model
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Implementing new business systems
  • Online marketing and presence
  • Sole trader/micro enterprise company models
Training and Enterprise

 Our specialist areas of support include:

  • Developing new areas of business
  • Writing national training packages & programmes
  • Refining accredited syllabuses & units
  • Establishing new business & markets for music technology brands
  • Increasing market awareness to a wider UK audience
  • Successfully engaging with youth audiences
  • Working with big youth target audiences across the UK
  • Using social entrepreneurship in your approach
  • Local community inclusion models
  • Volunteering and low cost labour forces
Why choose us?

Other consultancy options:

  • Business Development Strategies – Let someone else do the thinking for a change and support you to see it clearer when things get cloudy
  • Coping with stress during challenging business phases – Allow our experts to re-educate you to cope with stress & stay productive always
  • Career Analysis and Assessment – Explore with an expert and assess what your core strengths and values are to support you to find your most suited career path and progression routes
  • 1 to 1 Business Mentoring – Let someone with a business brain dissect your plans and proposals to help you win more and every step of the way
  • Professional Musician Mentoring – Learn how to equip yourself to survive in the music industry. Dissect your music and market better and create a niche sound that is competitive that guarantees revenue in return for the hard work
  • Business Start Up – Got all the plans and practice, but need someone to de-jargon the business barriers? Relax with one of our business start up packages and let us help you tick all the right boxes, plan effectively in the right language and format and work harder to see more tax efficiency, revenue and returns on investment.
  • Enterprise Skills – Rely on experts and their ability to help guide you and formulate new business ideas, revenue streams, networks, avenues, market potential, products and opportunities. 
Business Support

Trust a Gold Seal Project expert:

  • Let us evaluate, refine, implement, project manage & save money
  • Learn more about your market and target audience
  • Increase your productivity
  • Establish key performance indicator strategies

All delivered on time, to the highest standard using a clear, well managed, effectively evaluated solution that remains personalised in its design to your needs.

Business Startup

Successful Youth Engagement:

Our unique strength is successful youth engagement. We have a lot to share and offer, especially when it comes to discussions and content around music, musicians, business and entrepreneurs. They are also great talking points to interact and engage with young people. This enables us to remain quietly confident in our approach to youth engagement and opens avenues for us to easily support further as public speakers, motivators, mediators, positive role models and mentors for hard to engage, NEET, offender and at risk categories.

Effective Youth Engagement Initiatives

We guarantee to support you to deliver a positive message with our expertise and proven models to any youth, public and voluntary sector audience/participants and we pride ourselves on our ability to support brands, agents, organisations, schools, alternative provision, teachers and individuals utilising any of our range of intervention methods and/or best practice principles.

Examples of our youth engagement portfolio to date includes:

  • supporting the NFL & Wembley Stadium Learning Zone to reach a wider target audience
  • leading seminars on success and self starting businesses
  • finding a focus, self belief and passion
  • day long or evening activities that include networking with other and top musicians, DJ’s & Entrepreneurs
  • implementing a means to embed music or enterprise into other areas of interest further supporting to successfully engage a target audience
Song Writing

Choose from:

Hands on Activities/Training – Choose from our wide range of topics; for either music and enterprise and allow the experts to take the weight off you and offer positivity and explore new positive activities in return all in the language of a young person.

Seminars – Let us support and talk to the masses, embedding Top Musicians, Successful Entrepreneurs, extended enterprise topics, music and music industry advice for all tastes and genres to further compliment your engagement criteria.

Mentoring – Absorb our approach, support and insight especially with hard to reach clients, using one of our trustworthy, powerful positive role models/mentors all of whom are enhanced DBS checked and selected and tailored to your needs.

Consultancy – Let our experience and success aid your programmes and their design for your outputs & objectives.

Rest assured with a Gold Seal consultant to help improve your engagement method/tool, increase productivity, message, impact and results, especially to inner city urban audiences and youth demographics.

Media Suite Installation & Design

Let one of our experts assess your needs and visions to help create a flourishing new hub for creativity today or professional standard music.

Music & Media Suite Development

With over a decade of experience in developing all sorts of music and media facilities/suites, we are expertly positioned to consult, advise, re-develop and re-introduce a new area for creative energy/purposes; be it an industry standard professional music studio or a cutting edge media focused educational suite we have the skills, expertise, networks, partners, suppliers/manufacturers and contacts to help re-develop your site today.

Examples of our work to date include:

  • Developing a paramount professional music studio & classroom in a disused commercial factory
  • Redeveloping a series of unused cleaning storage rooms into a functional music studio suite
  • Providing new media suites for local authority facilities in the the local communities
  • Sourcing a portable music studio solution for various charities and local authorities, both on and off site
  • Building new professional music studio solutions for a range of established musicians within the UK music scene
  • Redeveloping a cutting edge mixing and mastering facility & hub for West London boroughs & residents
  • Bringing top UK musicians to help open new suites and show new suites working at their best

Heres one being tranformed from beginning to end