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Learn with a Professional Sound Engineer how to set up and create a Podcast & get your content online.

Discover how to use appropriately suited Audio recording & Video equipment to help capture & get your points of view and/or products/services across to new target audiences

Podcasting is a huge new way to market and sell products for the current day marketplace. Gold Seal Project are on hand to help you:

  • make the right choices and purchases when you look to source equipment, create a podcasting set up and then create content.
  • discover helpful techniques & practices for creating content quickly to also feature on both social media & streaming platforms.
  • plan and upload to well suited streaming platforms as well as/or including a youtube channel.
  • decide & learn the difference between Audio and Visual podcasting
  • learn & experiment at your own pace, relying on an experienced sound engineer’s ears too, who will safely guide you and be on hand to help with decisions like camera & audio recording method choices.
  • stay within your elected budget, but also learn methods and disciplines to still be able to create quality in budget content.
  • understand the importance of consistent uploading patterns, algorithms and tailor a timetable to guarantee consistency,
  • posting times, niche’s, income streams and royalty options.