Branded Audio

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What is Branded Audio?

Simply put its the creation of either a brand focused sound (Windows Start-Up sound for example) or soundtrack/instrumental (Power Theme Tune) to identify your brand quickly by ear.

Typically branded audio is defined as the creation of a regularly identifiable sound that consumers identify your brand and all its associated official media.

Branded Audio is used widely in the 2020’s, especially with YouTube Channel and all their associated content. Branded Audio can also be used for other moving image/presentation opportunity where an branded audio starts or continues within the media and the focus for any branded audio is to give the listener a clear audible identity & prompt for them to identify & associate your brand every time. Even better to this is that the more they hear that branded media being streamed the more impressionable and memorable your brand becomes. 

Whether you have your own ideas or recordings that need finalising or you want us to do the interpretation of your brand and come up with something for you, we are an email away from putting that action into motion for you. Let our professional ears and brains help you today and get a sound that matches all for your brand.

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