Music Production

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Our Music Production Training gives students support to understand how to operate any version of Music Software currently on the market as DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) and studio hardware.

We support all to understand what workstation, processes & solutions are required for varying music briefs/tasks. Learn confidently about using drum machines, rhythmic programming, music scales, keys, chords, live audio recording, programming & using midi instruments, samplers, synthesizers, choice of microphones, mixers and much more.

Having trained number 1 charting artists like Route 94 and several other UK Top 40 artists we have lots to offer up and coming producers

Our bitesized training is delivered online using practical based bespoke lessons in a ‘hands on’ training method. Learn how to work quickly with some of their favourite songs and then re-create their own examples that both motivate and train them in music industry standard Software and music production skills.

Our training will guarantee that you can:

  • understand the importance of referencing whilst learning and creating your own music
  • take away bite size lessons and examples weekly that will aid better practical application overall when producing music on your own
  • all our training is bespoke & personalised to each learners pace learning style and also assessed to suit their preferred musical taste
  • all training enables learners to transfer their knowledge to whatever DAW they choose
  • access extended support using our eMentoring service offered to all Gold Seal Students during & after your Training

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