Sound Engineering

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Sound engineering is an essential part of any studio work in a recording studio. Whilst many bedroom solutions offer rewarding results for a low budget we are able to combine all the relevant know hows and information to aid in working within a professional music studio environment.

Specialise for a subject area or  chosen expertise and benefit from our training with a seasoned experienced music studio professional.

Learn how to:

  • work from and with all the important practices for a music studio in any way to your chosen brief/desire
  • record vocals and learn various techniques and practices used in todays market
  • choose between selecting a digital or analogue recording studio solution
  • explore and apply microphone techniques for recording a wide variety of live instruments
  • cover mixing and mastering techniques in a calm and supportive environment
  • utilise years of experience that our sound engineers  have to offer
  • apply helpful and proven tips and tricks to get that big sound your artist is after
  • let our unique training style and method help you to create your musical visions and dreams from your favourite music and musicians to date
  • understand the importance of referencing whilst learning and recording others music
  • take away bite size lessons and examples progressively that will aid better practical application overall when engineering
  • all training is personalised to each learners pace and to suit their musical taste
  • all training enables learners to transfer their knowledge to whatever DAW or hardware studio they choose
  • Support via eMentoring is always offered to all Gold Seal Students after training finishes

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